The leader in affordable, semi-customizable, web-based decision lending software for small and mid-size lenders

Since 1982, we have connected the leaders in consumer finance with the credit information they need to make critical business decisions. TCI provides affordable loan origination software delivered as Software as a Service that automates the decision lending process so that you can accelerate your loan approval process. The key to survival in today’s lending industry is to respond first, automate to reduce costs, and make it easy for your loan sources to do business with you.

We link finance companies, banks, credit unions and providers of consumer financing to key databases, such as credit bureaus and vehicle records. Our technology, DecisionLender, which is semi-customizable; provides you with an on-line application tailored to your needs; retrieves credit and other repository data, decisions the information against your lending criteria; accesses forms such as a loan contract and stores your documents . As a Software as a Service (SaaS), our entire product suite can be delivered directly to our customers over any internet connection. TCI offers customer-friendly solutions for small and mid-sized businesses that need reliable, web-based software for the following and more:

  • Loan origination software
  • Automated underwriting
  • Automotive indirect
  • Merchant lending

We draw on a rich legacy of experience in the credit industry and on strong relationships with leading credit bureaus - including Equifax, Experian and TransUnion - and key technology providers such as Verizon Terremark, to provide unprecedented access to the most secure and reliable credit data and online information available today, including Wolters Kluwer compliant retail contracts and car evaluation data like Kelly Blue Book. Our easily implemented, browser-based solutions offer businesses a distinct competitive advantage - the ability to work in real-time, online, without a major commitment of time and money.